Over the past 5 years, Rick and Thelma Harding have enjoyed learning how to video tape fly fishing sessions and have enjoyed bring them to you. This summer we have decided to just go fishing. I will be uploading many of our fishing segments on to Youtube so you can enjoy some of the clips from the past. Visit the ricknthelma channel to find the clips. For the regular visitors, thanks for watching.

Fly Fishing Photographs Fly Fishing Photographs Fly Fishing Photographs

We are not strictly into video. Russ and Michelle Webb along with Rick and Thelma Harding have been taking fly fishing photographs for many years and continue to shoot still images.Sometimes they tell a story better than a moving image. Here is acollection of some of our favorites.


We have made many fly fishing friends over the years. Here are a few that are in the business. Check out their web sites and consider this our recommendation.


Every now and then we will put up an article written by one of our friends or by Russ or Rick (spell check is a wonderful thing, wouldn't you agree?) Sometimes things are much better said with words and a few photographs than with video and this is our pace for such topics.